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We advise you on all issues relating to national and international tax law, including financial reporting.

From research and development costs, dividend income to the selection of the appropriate corporate structure, our experts optimise the tax framework for your business model.

We represent you in all tax proceedings and propose individual structuring models.

Special taxes

In addition to the general taxes such as profit and capital tax, which companies and firms normally always have to pay, various special taxes may be incurred. In particular, cantons or municipalities tax the ownership and sale of real estate, which results in property gains taxes and transfer taxes.

In the case of property development, cantons and communes additionally confront property owners with a variety of charges such as road contributions, water connection contributions or sewerage contributions. This is particularly the case if an added value results from a zone change. If the compulsory levies appear too high in comparison to the special benefit or added value achieved, a legal remedy must be sought.

Our specialists will support you in determining a correct value and will be happy to assist you.

International double taxation and mutual agreement procedures

International circumstances can lead to the income of an individual or the profits of a company being taxed in more than one state, despite Switzerland’s double taxation agreements with numerous countries. With the instrument of the mutual agreement procedure, which is available under most agreements, a solution can be reached by agreement between the competent authorities of the countries concerned.

In practice, the mutual agreement procedure repeatedly leads to good solutions in cases of international double taxation. In view of the special features of the procedure and for the purpose of coordination with appeal proceedings, representation and support experienced in litigation is recommended. Our tax experts will be happy to assist you in this regard.

Tax proceedings before courts and authorities

In tax proceedings before courts, both tax-economic and procedural knowledge are crucial. At AMATIN, we combine these competences and have many years of experience in advising clients or trustees in a variety of proceedings and representing them before (court) instances: This concerns, inter alia:

  • Time-consuming objection and appeal proceedings
  • Appeal proceedings before cantonal and federal (tax) courts and (tax) appeal bodies
  • Tax evasion proceedings and criminal tax proceedings
  • international administrative assistance and mutual agreement procedures.

In cooperation and consultation with you, we prepare the legal documents and represent you or your clients before the relevant authorities.

Our team offers you professional support especially for the following situations:

  • National and international tax law; natural and legal persons
  • Special taxes and duties
  • Representation in all proceedings including supplementary and penalty taxes
  • Complex tax returns and tax proceedings (Switzerland)

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