Your specialist law firm for employment law in Switzerland

Employment contracts, personnel regulations, operating regulations and working time regulations, severance pay and separation management through to company takeovers – your specialist law firm on the subject of employment law for employers.

Are your interests as an employer taken into account in the existing contracts? Where are the risks on the employer side when concluding an employment contract? We create a legal framework for employers in Switzerland and provide clear answers to existing questions to make your daily work more transparent and easier.

Make the best legal provision for all your legal relationships. We can help you with forward planning, including employment relationships and the drafting of employment contracts and employment regulations. Do you need help with the termination of an existing employment relationship? We will explain your alternatives to you at an early stage and broaden your scope for negotiation.

We advise you on all matters relating to employment law for companies and implement the jointly developed solutions for you.

Drafting employment contracts and regulations

With the right employment contracts, you create legal certainty, transparency and a clear employment relationship between you and your employees right from the start. We review and draw up legally secure employment contracts that take all factors into account comprehensively.

The employment contracts are individually agreed with you and take into account working hours, notice of termination, illness, holidays, non-competition clause, confidentiality, data protection. Obtaining work and residence permits for executives and much more.

We will be happy to advise you.

Termination of employment / separation management

Separation management is a complex negotiation process that can be planned at the same time. We inform you about the legal framework and support employers in all matters relating to the termination of the employment relationship. Our specialist lawyers for labour law support you in formulating your interests and work with you to create court-approved solutions.

Of course, we inform you about all alternatives and give you a clear picture of your legal starting position at every stage of the process. We are at your side right from the start and create individual solutions for termination procedures, dismissals/mass redundancies and other concerns.

Early planning and advice

With early planning and advice on labour law for employers, later problems can be avoided in advance. We help you minimise the risk of lawsuits in advance, taking into account employment protection, liability and other legal frameworks.

We are also available for internal investigations, mediation of disputes and personnel management.

Litigation before all Swiss arbitration boards, courts and authorities

Separation management is a complex negotiation process that can be planned at the same time. We clarify the legal framework and support employers in all matters relating to the termination of the employment relationship. Our Your company is facing financial claims? You would like to assert claims on your part? As a rule, these are complex processes that require not only legal expertise but also negotiating skills and the necessary assertiveness.

We have decades of experience in litigation and can represent you before all Swiss arbitration boards, courts and authorities. Tell us about your concerns.

Our team offers professional support for the following situations in particular:

  • Drawing up employment contracts and employment regulations (e.g. on expenses, working hours, code of conduct, remote work); review of an employment contract
  • Obtaining work and residence permits for executives
  • Staff leasing
  • Termination of employment, leave of absence, termination agreement
  • Conducting mass dismissal proceedings
  • Company takeovers and labour law support
  • Litigation: defence against claims and assertion of claims claims
  • Mediation in disputes between employees
  • Internal investigations

Legal Advice

Corporate, Company Law

Corporate law issues, foundation, financing / investment – we also assist you with succession planning and with the purchase/ sale of your company (M&A).

Compliance, Data Protection and ESG

Ethical and sustainable behaviour in business transactions is a modern expectation. AMATIN is happy to support you in addressing these important issues.

Employment Law

We are available to you as an employer or employee to advise you in all matters of labour law.

Contracts, Commercial Law

You are supported in all disciplines of contract and commercial law. We draft and negotiate contracts for you.

Tax Law

Contact us for tax matters that concern you in a national or international environment. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Planning, Construction, Real Estate

AMATIN supports you in all issues concerning building law, real estate law and tenancy law. Also floor owner’s associations and housing cooperatives.

Litigation, Enforcement, Arbitration, Debt Collection

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
We negotiate and litigate for you before all courts throughout Switzerland. Before we go to court, we always clarify how the dispute can best be resolved.

Life Sciences, Healthcare

The Lifesciences & Healthcare sector is highly regulated to protect patients. We are happy to support you in complying with the numerous regulations.

Intellectual Property Law

Protect your intellectual/commercial property, your unique ideas and patents, trademarks and designs professionally – AMATIN offers you everything you need for protection. Even licence agreements.

Information Technology Law

AMATIN is able to offer you comprehensive legal services in the IT and telecommunications sector.

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