We advise buyers & sellers, real estate agents, builders, owners, tenants, planners

A building project often involves many actors and possible difficulties are manifold. For example, what can you do as a builder-owner if you cannot reach an agreement with the contractor on the subsequent improvement, if there are delays in the schedule or additional costs in the construction project?

As a landlord, you wonder what leeway you have to change a rental contract. As a tenant, you are concerned about how you can defend yourself against the landlord if there are defects in the flat or business premises.

Our legal knowledge and many years of experience in the construction industry and in the real estate sector enable us to provide clients, general contractors, planning offices, architects, tenants and landlords with a business focused advice.

Our team offers you professional support especially for the following situations:

  • Rental, lease, tenancy law, rental contracts
  • Contracts for work and services, planner and architect contracts
  • Building owners, planners, architects (support, advice and representation)
  • Building consortia (working groups, ARGE, planner associations)
  • TU/GU work contracts
  • Construction and development projects (support and advice from the strategic phase onwards)
  • Real estate contracts, condominium ownership (also ex plan), rental property
  • Building lease agreements
  • Working time regulations
  • Collective employment contracts under private or public law
  • Public building and planning law
  • Building permits, objections, appeals
  • Environmental protection and transport (waste, soil pollution, contaminated sites, EIA, noise protection)
  • Planning permission and expropriation
  • Public procurement, tenders
  • Spatial planning (structure plans, use plans, special use plans, development or neighbourhood plans)

Legal Advice

Corporate, Company Law

Corporate law issues, foundation, financing / investment – we also assist you with succession planning and with the purchase/ sale of your company (M&A).

Compliance, Data Protection and ESG

Ethical and sustainable behaviour in business transactions is a modern expectation. AMATIN is happy to support you in addressing these important issues.

Employment Law

We are available to you as an employer or employee to advise you in all matters of labour law.

Contracts, Commercial Law

You are supported in all disciplines of contract and commercial law. We draft and negotiate contracts for you.

Tax Law

Contact us for tax matters that concern you in a national or international environment. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Planning, Construction, Real Estate

AMATIN supports you in all issues concerning building law, real estate law and tenancy law. Also floor owner’s associations and housing cooperatives.

Litigation, Enforcement, Arbitration, Debt Collection

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
We negotiate and litigate for you before all courts throughout Switzerland. Before we go to court, we always clarify how the dispute can best be resolved.

Life Sciences, Healthcare

The Lifesciences & Healthcare sector is highly regulated to protect patients. We are happy to support you in complying with the numerous regulations.

Intellectual Property Law

Protect your intellectual/commercial property, your unique ideas and patents, trademarks and designs professionally – AMATIN offers you everything you need for protection. Even licence agreements.

Information Technology Law

AMATIN is able to offer you comprehensive legal services in the IT and telecommunications sector.

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