Your specialist law firm for employment law in Switzerland

Employment contract, severance pay, termination or statutory holiday entitlement, work permits and residence permits – we support you with all questions regarding employment law for employees.

Only very few employees are fully aware of their rights and obligations. With us, you can implement your rights and demands in a targeted manner.

We advise you in detail on dismissals, what to consider when formulating job references and how to best act in the event of discrimination, sexual harassment, mobbing or whistleblowing.

With us, you are legally protected.

Your rights in case of termination

Are you facing dismissal or have you already received a letter of dismissal? We inform you about your employee rights and accompany you along the way.

We ensure that the statutory notice periods are observed, which can vary depending on the duration of the employment relationship and position, check the reasons for termination and enforce your rights and claims.

We accompany you and stand by your side every step of the way.

Your employment contract

Our experts will review your employment contract and inform you about your rights and obligations. This includes, among other things, special regulations, overtime and wage regulations as well as non-competition and protection against dismissal.

Your employer’s reference

According to the law, an employee can request a reference at any time. We check your reference, inform you of your rights and give you valuable advice on the appropriate wording so that you can use your reference in good conscience at the next job interview.

Litigation in employment law court proceedings

We represent you in court and plan every step together. Our team of experts in employment law for employees will assert your claims in compliance with all relevant deadlines and represent you in negotiations with your employer to enforce your employee rights.

We stand by your side.

Our team offers professional support for the following situations in particular:

  • Termination of employment / Protection against dismissal in case of illness, accident, pregnancy
  • Leave of absence / termination agreement
  • Assessment of employer’s references
  • Assertion and enforcement of claims before courts and authorities
  • Tax optimisation of occupational and private pension plans (pillars 2 and 3)

Legal Advice

Inheritence Law, Family Law

You have to draw up a will, accept an inheritance or you want to draw up a partnership agreement.

Power of Attorney, Advance Care Decree

With power of attorney and advance care decree you can determine your own representation.

Employment Law

We are available to you as an employer or employee to advise you in all matters of labour law.

Tax Law

Contact us for tax matters that concern you in a national or international environment. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Planning, Construction, Real Estate

AMATIN supports you in all questions concerning building law, real estate law and tenancy law. Also floor owner’s associations and housing cooperatives.

Litigation, Enforcement, Arbitration, Debt Collection

We negotiate and litigate for you before all courts throughout Switzerland. Before we go to court, we always clarify how the dispute can best be resolved.

Pension equalisation

If Swiss pension fund assets have to be divided in foreign divorce proceedings, supplementary proceedings must be carried out. Our pension equalisation specialists will be happy to assist you in this process.

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have.