Take advantage of the experience of our lawyers in all legal issues you may encounter within your family. This may be when you wish to draw up a marriage contract, a contract of inheritance or a will, regulate your succession or seek legal advice on inheritance law issues or disputes (division of an estate). 

Do you have a question about your employment relationship? Take advantage of the expertise of our lawyers in the field of employment law.


You may also find yourself in situations requiring legal advice when building your own home, buying or selling a house or if you are a tenant in a flat or property. 


Employment Law

You want support regarding employment matters.

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Inheritence Lay / Family Law

You are advised in all areas of contract law and commercial law. We draft and negotiate contracts for you.

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Litigation, Enforcement, Arbitration, Debt Collection

If you need support for court enforcement of your claims.

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Planning, Construction, Real Estate

AMATIN supports you in all matters relating to construction and real estate.

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Power of attorney, Pension mandate

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia.

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Key Contacts

Please contact our experts or describe your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Martin BoosAttorney at Law, Partner

+41 61 202 91 91

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Roman Kälin-BurgyAttorney at Law, Partner

+41 61 202 91 91


Services for Companies / SME

We are at your company’s and your company owner’s disposal in all commercial and contract law matters. If necessary, we can call in the expertise of third parties.

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