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Our team comprises lawyers who have deep experience in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry both as inhouse counsels and attorneys-at-law working in law firms, with profound understanding of the specific issues and various business needs in this area. With this, we are able to help to find solutions for Life Sciences & Healthcare providers in the most effective and efficient way.

Our team provides a wide range of legal services in the area of Life Sciences & Healthcare, starting with setting up a business in Switzerland to day-to-day support on various topics.

We also have established professional contacts in different jurisdictions worldwide, so that we are able to provide legal support based on applicable local regulations in different countries.

Compliance and Business Ethics in the Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry

Our team provides you with professional legal advice in connection with collaborations with healthcare professionals (HCPs, including physicians), healthcare organisations (HCOs) and patient organisations and supports your company in the development of internal company regulations such as a code of conduct and other compliance guidelines.

Do you need support in reviewing advertising measures, advertising materials and events for healthcare professionals? Our team will be happy to advise you. We can also provide you with targeted compliance trainings for employees, sales staff and managers (including business partners where applicable) and develop practical guidelines for your employees.

Would you like to conduct internal investigations into violations of applicable laws and internal company guidelines, compliance audits / due diligence reviews of the company’s business processes or of potential business partners and current contractors? We can assist you or carry out such audits for you.

Our team prepares standard agreements and other documents required for collaboration with healthcare professionals, HCOs and patient organisations.

We also offer professional advice on compliance with antitrust and competition regulations when working with business partners, competitors, or when advertising and promoting medicinal products, medical devices, healthcare products, cosmetics, food supplements, medical services, etc.

Advertising and promotion

We can advise you on various types of advertising and permissible sales promotions as well as review advertising materials and their compliance with the requirements of applicable laws (including the specific requirements for advertising of medicinal products to the general public and to healthcare professionals, as well as the unfair competition law), guidelines issued by a competent governmental authority (e.g. the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products – Swissmedic, the European Medicines Agency – EMA), relevant industry codes and current law enforcement practice.

We can also assist you in developing and implementing an internal advertising approval process, developing an internal policy that should be considered by company employees when preparing advertising and other promotional materials to identify red flags and mitigate risks, and conducting training for your company’s employees involved in advertising and other promotional activities to familiarise them with the legal requirements and best practices in this area.

Clinical trials

We provide legal support on clinical trials issues and advice on regulatory issues related to clinical trials, data protection, patients’ rights, etc.. We draft and negotiate various types of clinical trial contracts for you, including for pharmaceutical companies, sponsors,

contract research organisations (CROs), hospitals, higher medical education institutions, investigators and sub-investigators, and prepare consent forms for you, and other internal company documents to regulate the company’s participation in clinical trials.

Drafting and negotiating Contracts

We draft and negotiate different types of agreements, including business development deals, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, supply and purchase agreements, contract manufacturing agreements, marketing services agreements, market research agreements, third party promotion

agreements, quality agreements, pharmacovigilance agreements, collaboration, research & development (R&D), grants, sponsorship & donations, advisory boards, speakers, consultancy, clinical trials agreements, etc.

Regulatory and other legal aspects

Our team offers you comprehensive professional support, particularly in legal matters relating to export, import, manufacturing, marketing, supply and distribution of medicinal products, medical devices, healthcare products, cosmetics, food supplements

as well as in legal matters concerning product liability, digitalisation and e-health, pricing and reimbursement, public procurement, dispute resolution (including with contractors, competitors, government authorities), mediation, etc.

Medical and Healthcare law

We provide legal and compliance support to healthcare institutions (including, hospitals, pharmacies laboratories, nursing homes and other healthcare providers), healthcare professionals (including physicians) and patients in medical

and healthcare-related legal matters, including those ones related to medical services, liability, patient privacy, medical secrecy and protection of medical data, transplantation of human organs and tissues, dispute resolution, in particular between physicians and patients, etc.

Our team offers you professional support for the following situations in particular:

  • Legal advice in connection with collaboration with healthcare professionals (including physicians), healthcare organisations (HCOs) and patient organisations
  • Development of internal company regulations (including guidelines on collaboration with healthcare professionals, healthcare and patient organisations, events)
  • Scientific events for healthcare professionals
  • Review of promotional activities and advertising materials
  • Drafting of licence agreements, distribution agreements, supply and purchase agreements, contract manufacturing agreements, marketing agreements, market research agreements, collaboration agreements, research and development agreements, grant agreements, consultant or speaker agreements, clinical trial agreements, etc.
  • Regulatory and other legal issues in connection with medicinal products, medical devices, healthcare products, cosmetics and food supplements

Legal Advice

Corporate, Company Law

Corporate law issues, foundation, financing / investment – we also assist you with succession planning and with the purchase/ sale of your company (M&A).

Compliance, Data Protection and ESG

Ethical and sustainable behaviour in business transactions is a modern expectation. AMATIN is happy to support you in addressing these important issues.

Employment Law

We are available to you as an employer or employee to advise you in all matters of labour law.

Contracts, Commercial Law

You are supported in all disciplines of contract and commercial law. We draft and negotiate contracts for you.

Tax Law

Contact us for tax matters that concern you in a national or international environment. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Planning, Construction, Real Estate

AMATIN supports you in all issues concerning building law, real estate law and tenancy law. Also floor owner’s associations and housing cooperatives.

Litigation, Enforcement, Arbitration, Debt Collection

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
We negotiate and litigate for you before all courts throughout Switzerland. Before we go to court, we always clarify how the dispute can best be resolved.

Life Sciences, Healthcare

The Lifesciences & Healthcare sector is highly regulated to protect patients. We are happy to support you in complying with the numerous regulations.

Intellectual Property Law

Protect your intellectual/commercial property, your unique ideas and patents, trademarks and designs professionally – AMATIN offers you everything you need for protection. Even licence agreements.

Information Technology Law

AMATIN is able to offer you comprehensive legal services in the IT and telecommunications sector.

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