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All you legally need for your website: Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Each website requires by law an implementation of policies and disclaimers. The list and content of necessary documents depend on the type and peculiarities of your e-business.

As a rule, the following documents have to be developed for a website: a Data Privacy policy, Cookies policy (including Cookie pop ups and consent banners), Terms of Use for the website. If you intend to provide services via your website, detailed Terms and Conditions for the provision of such services should be developed. If you intend to sell products via your ecommerce website, you should not forget to place Shipping and Delivery policy, Payment policy, as well as Returns, Replacement and Refunds policy on your website.

It is also worth developing website disclaimers depending on the peculiarities of your business and use of the website. As a rule, well-prepared disclaimers help reduce legal liability of the business.

You should also take into account data protection regulations (including the EU GDPR) as well as a number of other specific legal requirements, for instance those related to the language / languages used on the website, peculiarities of displaying prices and other issues related to protection of consumers. A particular attention should be paid to the content of the information placed on the website (including advertising, information on the products, services, etc.), as well as its accuracy, completeness and the way how it is displayed on the website, in order to avoid a risk of misleading consumers which may entail significant fines. The information displayed on the website must be also compliant with legal requirements for the relevant markets.

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