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Trademark Registration – better safe than sorry


A trademark can be registered at a flat rate via the Internet. Often it is not taken into account that an incorrect or incomplete registration leads to bad investments and considerable procedural costs.
The foundation of every trademark is the formulation of the classes of goods and services. If classes are forgotten or incorrect terms are used, the trademark application for the missing class must be repeated. Also the registration fees are to be paid still times.

A thorough and professional availability search prior to registration is important in order to avoid costly opposition or action proceedings at a later date. The search result provides information on trademark collisions and makes it possible to adapt trademark type and classes in such a way that no avoidable procedural costs arise.

In view of any international extension of trademark protection to other countries, the basic trademark must already be correctly registered in Switzerland. In this way, complaints from foreign trademark offices that lead to additional costs can be avoided.

We will be happy to advise you on the successful registration of your trademark – right from the start.

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