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Lawyers: You money, I ‘prostitute’, You satisfied?

The client wants the best solution. The best solution is – formulated mathematically – the alternative course of action (considered as a project) whose present value of future profits is the highest. But for this best solution, the client must first be won over: if the client is ultimately “at war”, he must be led back to the entrepreneurial path of virtue by the experienced consultant. This requires counselling with backbone. If we metaphorically equate “war” with the elephant standing right in front of our own nose, then this threatening elephant blocks both our view of its herd on the horizon and the classification of this elephant in its group. And lo and behold, if we avoid the elephant in front of our nose and take distance, it turns out that the elephant that originally seemed big is only a young and still stupid member of the elephant herd.

And the moral of the story? Distance not only makes it possible to assess the problem facing one’s nose, but also allows a person to recognise alternative courses of action and then evaluate and assess them. Afterwards, the decision for the best sustainable solution, because it is the most profitable from all points of view, is easy. And this solution is validated.

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