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Eyes open when selling/buying real estate: consult the Swiss-wide cadastre of public-law restrictions on landownership ONLINE!

Quelle: AMATIN 2021

When purchasing a property, all governmental requirements and restrictions for the property must be taken into account. These public-law restrictions on ownership can dramatically influence the building and use plans for the property. The PLR-cadastre provides comprehensive information on this for the whole of Switzerland with a single click. AMATIN shows you what the PLR-cadastre contains.

What is the PLR-cadastre?

The PLR-cadastre provides an extract for the public-law restrictions on landownership of practically all properties in Switzerland.

The most important property restrictions that can be accessed online are:

  • Land use plans (zoning plans)

The land-use plans divide the territory into building zones and non-building zones. Within the building zone, the zone plan determines the permissible use and the number of storeys allowed. Outside the building zone, the zoning plan defines agricultural zones as well as landscape protection, site protection and tree protection areas.

  • List of monuments

Verzeichnis für KulturdenList of cultural monuments of considerable scientific, artistic, historical or local historical value that are particularly worthy of protection.

  • Polluted sites

Land may be contaminated by former landfills and other waste. These “contaminated sites” may have to be remediated or monitored at great expense.

  • Noise sensitivity levels

Noise sensitivity levels determine what noise emissions are permissible in the area. They divide properties into zones requiring increased noise protection, zones in which no disturbing businesses are permitted, and zones in which moderately and highly disturbing businesses are permitted.

  • Groundwater protection zones

The canton establishes protection zones for areas where groundwater is used for drinking water supply.

PLR-cadastre contains further restrictions on landownership…

The PLR-cadastre also contains many other public-law property restrictions, for example:

  • forest clearance lines
  • planned construction lines for railways or motorways
  • security zones for airports

… and all relevant legal texts

The PLR extracts also contain the legal texts for all the listed property restrictions, for example the building regulations of the communes, etc., etc.

Are all cantons and communes in the PLR-cadastre? provides you with the information for all cantons and for over 82% of the municipalities in Switzerland.

In what format is the information available? provides all available information on the requested property in PDF format.

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