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No constitutional state without absolute attorney-client privilege


No Constitutional State without Absolute Attorney-Client Confidentiality/Privilege

What makes a legal advisor of an accredited law firm (such as AMATIN) registered in the public register of lawyers fundamentally unique?

It is the attorney-client privilege, enshrined in article 321 of the Swiss Criminal Code and protected by a dramatic threat of punishment! This guarantees people and legal persons who entrust themselves to a licensed attorney absolute protection of trust and confidentiality. This applies to all information, data and documents of any kind. Clients need not fear that what they entrust to AMATIN in legal matters will ever be in the hands of state (police or criminal investigation) authorities or that it may be viewed by them.

Since the beginning of their current state, which looks after the interests of the inhabitants on a fiduciary basis, people living in Switzerland are convinced that the attorney-client privilege is an axiomatic prerequisite for a democratic society based on the rule of law. A state that guarantees human freedom requires that its institutions guarantee such absolute attorney-client privilege, which may not be broken by any instance of state or private nature. In extreme cases, this can mean for the licensed lawyer, in the interest of his clients, that he does not travel to countries where there is a risk that he will be taken hostage and thus be open to blackmail because of his clients.

We also use (mobile) devices such as mobile phones and pads. Such devices are only allowed to access our client data if they are not running any (third-party) programs/applications that unintentionally or even uncontrollably extract data (example: Whatsapp from Facebook and many other so-called apps). Please share your suggestions with us.

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