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Divorce in Germany or France, pension equalisation in Switzerland with tax-avoiding effect.

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Mr Krieg has lived with Mrs Rosen, his wife, in Freiburg (Germany) for a long time. During the marriage he worked as a happy cross-border commuter in Switzerland. The pension fund balance with his employer in Switzerland grew to a pleasing CHF 400,000.

After more than 15 years, the spouses decide to divorce. The lawyers in D/F seek a solution. An agreement on the division of marital claims is supposedly hopeless or prima vista not possible.

With the involvement of the AMATIN pension equalisation specialist, a breakthrough is achieved. Mr Krieg’s pension assets can only be legally divided between the spouses by a court in Switzerland (even if the divorce is pronounced abroad). In principle, both spouses are entitled to half of the sum of all accumulated pension assets.

Tax avoidance effects in CH enable divorce solution in France or Germany

The AMATIN pension equalisation specialist can locate considerable tax savings in individual cases. Such (tax structuring) questions concerning Swiss pension equalisation should be clarified in a well-founded manner as early as possible, at any rate before the divorce negotiations in Germany or France begin. The solution worked out always relates to the individual case. The possible solutions are also a valuable basis for determining strategy and tactics in divorce negotiations and proceedings.


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